This workshop teaches anyone how to come up with the perfect elevator speech, 30 second pitch, or introduction. First impressions are important. Learn how to make it a lasting impression!

YOUR INTRODUCTION. It can make you or break you. Do you know what to say, how to say it, and benefit the person you are speaking with? I will show you how to get your message across quickly and effectively whether you are at a networking event, on the phone or actually in the elevator. Windows of opportunity are typically slammed shut in less than 10 seconds. This means you have to maximize the impact of every word, syllable and pause in your lead off statements. They need to be works of art – compelling to the extreme degree. To minimize the importance of preparing a solid opening statement is to potentially short circuit your entire sales effort. Fortunately, opening statements and elevator speeches can be prepared and practiced before a sales opportunity is ever pursued. Call, Click or Contact us today! 703.231.0286 or so you can have SUCCESSNOW!


About Travis Snow

CEO/Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer. Become more efficient and effective, productive and profitable by measuring, managing, adjusting and controlling, I train and motivate you and your team through speaking engagements, coaching or consulting, books, DVD series training or online training, we deliver your SUCCESSNOW! Call 703.231.0286 or click Let'sTALK!
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