5 Steps to a SUCCESSNOW! Resolution

Let's get it right this time

Let’s get it right this time

Travis Tip:

My Pastor somehow always makes reference to one of his favorite phrases almost every Sunday. “If you want a change, you must make a change. If you want something, you must do something different.” This phrase is simple and direct. It astonishes me how hard this actually is for people to make an actuality, and this includes me at times. I find myself telling myself, “Whoa, change your thinking here.” Just as John Wooden tells us in his many quotes we like, “You have to force yourself to be enthusiastic.” -You must force your mind to take action to change and be different. I know everyone is going to be in agreement that we all want this year to be different from last year. That is, to either be more in this or less in that. (I will leave that totally open for you to fill in the blanks.) When you are making a New Year’s Resolution, here are five tips to help you get it right this time.

Choose a resolution that feels challenging, yet still manageable. If it is too big you will give up and you won’t complete it and if it’s too small, you won’t respect the effort it will take to complete it therefore you won’t complete it either.

Be sure your resolution is attached to your vision. The strategies, steps and tasks you undertake must be in a direct line toward your target. Each goal achieved will bring you closer to your goal.

Make undoubtedly sure that your resolution is something you want. You will go further for your own goals than for someone else’s. Remember these are your resolutions. They may include serving or assisting other people. But when the obstacles arise (and they will), being selfish in “getting yours” will make an impact so you can help others.

Have a strategic plan that is written down that defines the key steps over time, but also the tasks you can take daily. A plan not written down is a dream. And a dream without a plan is a nightmare.

Be accountable to someone. Partner with a friend and share each other’s resolutions. Make a good choice here. That person should make you accountable to what your plans are to become what you what to become and achieve what you want to achieve. You must in turn to be able to motivate and inspire your partner to accomplish their goals as well. Together you can enjoy each other’s successes as you proceed through 2013.

The number 13 cleans and purifies. It also brings the test, it symbolizes the death to the matter; the passage on a higher level of existence. Be thoughtful and go back to the thoughts you have for a brighter 2013.

I am thinking back to Sunday Service. Our theme this year happens to be “Unshakable Faith to Achieve Real Results.” So, in your business, your relationships, and to yourself, make these tips the strategies you will put in place to make a difference and for you to be the difference to achieve real results in your 2013.

Make it Happen, Make a Difference, LetsGO!


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