Mindsets, Skillsets, Toolsets & Giftsets!

“They are the things that gets us to the thing.” ~Halt and Catch Fire.

GIFTSETWhich is most important to you? Which one is critical to your success? Which one will determine your ability to lead? The answer is quite simple. It is your mindset. Although you will need each of these sets, you will need the mindset first and foremost. You will need a mindset to follow this article, because it is itself a mindset.

Studies show that employers will choose mindsets 96% over skillsets. This is because over a course of time it is better for the culture of the organization to have strong mindsets.  (This is a subtle hint for you in positions of hiring reading this.)  Mindsets trump skillsets. Mindsets are the lens through which you see and operate from. It girds all that you think, see, believe, say and do. It’s the drive, motivation and inspiration. It is your attitude and where your decision-making processes come from.  It is your point of view and the perspective you position yourself.

Your skillset is the set of learned abilities. This comes from your knowledge, practice and aptitude to do something well. To improve your skill, you must engage in repetitious practice of that skill until it is perfected.  It is very different from mindset. A skillset is a group of crafts formed together to perform a function. Carpentry is a skill, IT is a skill, the medical and legal professions are both called practices.  They are learned skills. Conversely, the mind is a state of being. The mindset controls what to do with the skillset.

Your toolsets are exactly what it speaks of. It is the equipment, mechanics, blueprints, strategies, plans, processes and procedures you use to achieve what you are seeking. Tools are the items you will use to be more efficient, more effective, more productive and more profitable. The thing about tools, or your toolset, is they are useless without your skill to use them. Each person in business needs skills to do their job. Each job requires tools to complete it. We have all heard, “A person is only as good as the tools they use.” What are your tools you are working with? Are you putting square pegs into round holes? Are you being efficient with your time, money and effort? Are you being effective in your quest for world domination, err, I mean, increased market share? Your ability to succeed will be directly related to your toolset and your ability to use them.

Here’s My Point, which brings us to the thing that gets you the thing; your giftset. A gift is something someone gives to you. A giftset is a collection of things given to you that are thought of as a group. When you renew your mind, you transform your mind into thinking differently than before. When you acquire skills, you give yourself a chance to compete. When you possess tools, you can now move forward toward your goals.

Here is a formula for success, I call SUCCESSNOW! Because it is a principle that can start to happen as soon as you apply it.

1. You have to first create a mindset of who you are and what you want to be.

2. Visualize what you want and how you are going to get it.

3. Create in yourself the skillset necessary for you to carry out the strategy.

4. Define the toolset required to use in the process.

5. Reap the giftset of the expected outcome. It’s not the goal reached, the forecast met, the profit achieved, or the market share obtained. That is only the outcome of a well thought out vision and strategic plan.

What is your thing? Deep down inside, what drives you to do this? That’s your thing. That’s your giftset you give to yourself. Go get it. LetsGO!

Here’s a free coaching tip for you: Have someone outside your organization that you trust and has experience to take a look at your business, identify your S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Give yourself this giftset, today!

Please comment or share. If I can serve you or your team, I would love to help. Contact or call me and I can provide you with free resources, free training and free coaching.

Make Difference, Make it Happen, LetsGO!




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