To everyone who wants to make a difference and make things happen, I want to share some points on what actually happens when you start making changes. If you keep doing what you are doing, you know you will keep getting what you’ve been getting.

I can remember in every stage of my life that when I changed for good or bad, my situations changed. I have made some good decisions and the results of those good decisions have been positive. I have also made some poor choices. The results of those choices have been negative. If you have made some poor choices or have been caught up in adverse dilemmas. You have the choice to hit the reset button and change. You can change your thoughts. You can change your actions, you can change your surroundings and you can change you destiny.

break up

break up

When you change, you will have to break-up some old patterns. These are the patterns that have given you what you have currently. They may not be all bad, but they may not be enough to achieve the results you are after now. You may also have to break up some old relationships. When you have a different thought process or viewpoint, not everyone will share in your perspective. In order for you to grow you will have to shed some dead weight in order to run faster and fly higher. You have the vision of what you want and you know you will need to break up some things or relationships in order to get there. Not everything or everyone gets to your “Promised Land.”

break downWhen you change, you will have to break-down new action plans and action steps. You cannot get to where you are going without a map. Take your vision and write out specifically the things needed in order to achieve the results you want. Break down every measure, every calculation, and every step of the way. Don’t leave anything to chance. Think of the people, materials, finances, time and anything else that you can add to your plan that will map out your pathway to success.

breakoutWhen you change, you will begin to break-out of the old ways and begin a new life. This is a critical stage. Many people get uncomfortable when they actually begin to change! You see, when you change, everything and everyone will change around you. You must be prepared for this change. When a chicken egg is under a hen, it is treated with much care and attention. When it breaks out of its shell, it has a much different use and purpose. When a caterpillar goes into it’s cocoon, it is treated like another ordinary bug. It is treated and appreciated much differently when it breaks out and becomes a butterfly or moth. When you break out, you become different, you will be able to do different things and you will be viewed upon differently.

break throughThis brings us to the break-through. The break-through is different from the break out. The break-through is when you are living out the destiny you want. A chick has it’s break out when it hatches and has the look the part of a chicken, but has a break through, when she finds her destiny and begins laying eggs and reproducing. When butterflies have their break though, they look beautiful. Butterflies do not begin to live their destiny until they begin pollinating the flowers and reproducing nature’s beauty. When you break-out, people will see you as different and your behavior will not be the same, but it is when you have your break-through, you will start realizing and living out your destiny.

My point is do not stop at the break-out and look the part, have a break-through and be the part.

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