questionsI was recently at a fairly large networking event in near the Reagan National Airport and a younger gentleman approached me and introduced himself. After exchanging business cards he immediately asked me what book influenced me in my life or business. I was taken back a little by his assertiveness, but I enjoyed this directness. I, of course answered quickly, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. My new acquaintance really appreciated this because his name was actually “Dino” and he has used Man-“Dino” as a nick name for himself in the past. I love it, since my personal email is “iamthesnoman.”

NETWORKBy the way, here’s a little tip. When you are at a networking event, be prepared for conversation. People are looking for people who know what they want and know where they are going. If I stumbled on such a simple question to answer, or didn’t know a book that drives me, or what I do, how I am going to do it and when I planned to achieve it, or even why I was there, what kind of impression would I leave with him? When you are networking, meeting clients or just coming across people, what kind of impression are you leaving your connections? Are you leaving anything of value or even following-up with them after the meeting? Networking is the informal setting to make contacts and “interview” prospects to conduct business with. Be prepared at all times, be a professional. I am amazed with the lack of preparation and the lack of focus of some people at some events. Know what you want. Know how you are going to do it, and execute it. Let’s not waste our time anymore. And, if you have just crawled from under a rock and have never heard of this book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” or Og Mandino, pick up the book at any bookstore or online. It is required reading by anyone in sales. Secondly, if you are seasoned, an expert, or in any leadership capacity, pick up part two, the second in the same series. But most of you reading this are already familiar.

So, as Dino and I spoke about the scrolls in the book and discussed repetition and persistence and such, he mentioned that his most influential book was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. (another staple in many libraries.) I agreed that this book should be read once a month for a year and then once a year after. It has influenced more people than any other book in my opinion and undoubtedly changed my own outlook on success. Here are my takeaways on a few topics in TGR and how it really will help settle you on what you want, where you go and how to get there.

1BP3. Desire: Knowing what we want is the secret of success. 

  • It is the starting point of all achievement.
  • The first step of all success.
  • You must put everything in what you want.
  • Fix in your mind what you want.
  • Make a plan to achieve it.
  • Write down the date in which it will be possessed.
  • Write it all down and repeat it to yourself twice everyday.

This sounds simple but the difference between successful people and people who fail is the successful people did what the failures didn’t do. Most people do not do that last line, “Write it down and repeat it to yourself twice everyday.” If they make a date of completion and write it down. They do not take the effort to tell themselves what they want and what they expect to trade to get it twice daily. When people stop focusing on their goals, they stop planning around that goal. When they stop planning around their goals, they will stop taking action toward their goals. When they stop taking action, they will stop moving forward to their goal…. and there they are, wondering why they are not successful yet.

I always thought it was attitude that made people successful. Oh, I am so wrong! It is clearly DESIRE. There are plenty of positive people with great attitudes that are not successful because they have not figured out the secret is clearly desire. Listen closely, You will be more successful with a great attitude.  I am still a positive thinker and a man of faith and that is why I concluded what continues to be the dividing factor of success has been people who have a burning desire for what they want followed by a positive attitude while they are in pursuit is undeniably the key. A burning desire will allow you to do the things necessary to be successful that attitude alone won’t.

GOT FAITH2. FAITH: is the state of mind that can be induced by affirmation or repeated instruction to the sub-conscience mind.

  • It is the starting point of all things.
  • It is the element that gives instructions to your mind
  • faith is the only antidote to failure

When your sub-conscience has what you desire in your heart and believes you can achieve it, you can’t help but be successful.

I-will-persist-until-I-succeed 3.  Persistence: is the sustainable effort necessary to succeed. The lack of persistence and willpower is the common failure of man. Without persistence, you will fail before you start. There is no substitute for persistence. Persistence is a state of mind.

  • Purpose – Why you want something
  • Desire – What you want
  • Self Reliance – Who is responsible for it
  • Organized Plans –  How you are going to attain it.
  • Accurate Knowledge – Information needed to complete the task and execute the plans.
  • Cooperation with Others – Assembling your team.
  • Will-power – Persistence
  • Habit – Repeat until your conscience and sub-conscience are together in your desire.

People who know what they want can tell the world what they intend to do and do it.  Leaders decide on what they intend to do quickly and firmly. Not because the are careless to be quick, but because they already know what they want and are waiting for the opportunity to pursue. The world will make room the person who knows what they want and knows where they are going.

  • A definite purpose backed by
  • a burning desire creates a definite plan.
  • An definite plan expressed by
  • continuous action will close the mind tightly to all negative influences.
  • and a friendly alliance with someone who will hold one accountable.

These are just a portion of the topics from the book Think and Grow Rich. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on establishing what you want and serving others in order to obtain what you want with a burning desire not yet realized by you that will give you financial freedom, provide you a pathway to your destiny, and guarantee favorable breaks you need along the way toward success.

When you master your thoughts and actions, your conscience and sub-conscience, your will and desire, you will have SUCCESSNOW! Go get all the books I mentioned in this post read them and apply them to your life, then…

Make a Difference, Make it Happen, LetsGO!

– Travis


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