There’s no time to waste. If you did not make a resolution it’s okay. It may be better not to. I believe a resolution for the entire year may be too large. Here are 3 simple steps to provide “solutions” to your “resolution”.

We all want better health, stronger relationships and greater finances. That’s probably a given. I’m a sales/leadership/business guy so I may not touch a nerve if you are looking for love or looking to lose weight this year. But if you are looking to increase your performance, your productivity, your effectiveness and your efficiency, listen up.

Step 1. T.T.T.T. (Seriously, Travis?) This acronym stands for Take Time To Think. If you haven’t made your sales and marketing plan this year yet or have no track to run on, Take three hours this weekend to think about what you want and how you are going to accomplish it. People who are successful take the time to work things out in their mind early for the day and for the week. Successful people run their business, their business doesn’t run them. 

Step 2. As I said before, don’t make resolutions for the entire year. Make goals, plans and strategies for the first 90 days and then take massive action on them starting today. Remember strategy is the puzzle, and tactics are its pieces. We all can finish a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s the 1,000 piece  puzzle that is always remains unfinished and unnoticed. Break up your year into 90 days and play all 4 quarters strong.

Step 3. Own the outcome and the income will come. Be accountable for the month, week, day and every action. If you put everything into everything and you put your all into your all …success is inevitable. THere was a saying that I used to like to hear and say, “All you can do is ALL you can do.” 

Have the best year you ever had by being the best person you have ever been. You will also have to do some things different, so;

Meditate and take time to think of what you really want to accomplish.

Break up your year into 4 quarters or 90 days

Be responsible and accountable for the results. There was a saying long ago from Smokey the Bear, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” Well, only you can light the match and be on fire. My friend Dave Anderson used to say, “How can you be burned out when you not even on fire?”

This will be your year if you put solutions into your resolutions. Take the positives of 2014 and maximize them. Take the negatives and minimize those. Focus on your focus. Concentrate on what you really want and get ready to explode. If you need to find your focus or your solution, reach out to me and we will rock 2015!

Travis 703.231.0286/tsnow@travissnow.com

Make a Difference, Make it Happen,



About Travis Snow

CEO/Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer. Become more efficient and effective, productive and profitable by measuring, managing, adjusting and controlling, I train and motivate you and your team through speaking engagements, coaching or consulting, books, DVD series training or online training, we deliver your SUCCESSNOW! Call 703.231.0286 or click tsnow@travissnow.com Let'sTALK!
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